The Sweetest Rhyme


Oww!! a sharp torment jarred through my body, as I was gaining consciousness. I slowly recollect the unfortunate thud I heard last when I slipped down.

‘I can’t feel it, is it gone!!’-I cried out loud, my glazed eyes were looking for the answer madly. I was writhing hysterically, cursing myself without mercy.

That tiny life was within me for little more than seven months, I have nourished it with my flesh and blood. I endured all my torments to nurture this tender bud happily. I cherished every moment of this whole period when a new life was blossoming in my womb. I was blessed with the divine feeling to carry my own creation, feel it shaping slowing within me, dream to embrace the delicate dot affectionately…

Beep..beep…beep!! the ‘life line’ of my little angel on the monitor, is breaking the dead silence in the ‘Critical care Unit (NICU)’ room. My tears know no bar while holding the doctor’s hand helplessly! All the wet eyes and praying hands are trembling, keeping the faint hope high.

Suddenly, a feeble cry came from the ‘incubator’, a small movement of the tiny limbs pronounced the winning verdict for my fighter. That mellow sound was pouring honey in my ears, that was the sweetest rhyme I have ever heard!

I smiled ecstatically, as I was also re-born as a woman, as a mother; ready to face all odds along with my nascent ‘Brave heart’, ‘My Girl’.

new born

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