Feather Touch

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

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It seemed like eternal wait… ’until the end of the World’ …. since I had dialled that STD number!

It’s dark outside. Somewhere at a distance, gongs of an old wall clock confirmed the time as 10 O’clock at night. With a sudden howling of a stray dog I started flinching inside that poky ‘telephone booth’, where I have confined myself under a piercing surveillance of the booth owner. It’s dead silent over here, not even a honking of a lost car! I cringed myself holding the receiver tightly.

I can’t help it…I get half the STD rate at this time only! I consoled myself eliciting all my courage.

‘Call from Calcutta….’ a loud cry from other side of the wire knocked me up. I could clearly imagine a big sleepy hostel in a remote village near the sea shore… a dark, petite guy pretending to be in his studious, equanimous self, may also be waiting alert for this call from the far-off city!!  He must be briskly crossing the hall way now, I can almost hear the rustling of his steps as he gallops from the stairs to reach the phone!!

I quickly rejig all my untold stories, all those passionate thoughts, unknown crazy feelings which I treasured deep inside, which are only mine!!

I want to tell him about the funny new professor in the college, the romantic next-door young chap who secretly smiles at me. I want tell how terrible I feel being away from him, I want to tell that I promised myself, I will write a letter every week to him. I want to fondle him with my words, I want to tell him I am truly enamored of him.  I want to come out from my timid shell and whisper those magic words ‘love you..!’

Beep…beep… beep …with every second the phone bill is soaring high. With this alarm, I hastily started counting all my pocket money for this week…strewing every coin I have with me…


A soft soothing musical voice, so close to my heart! sweeter than the melody of the whistling Koel to my ears. It enchanted me. A hush descended over me! I took a deep breath, poised myself and murmured

‘ It’s me !’


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