Ticking the List

We all were busy packing, after a long time we are going for a three-day trip! We, three sisters, were bubbling with glee. For Martha, it’s the great escape from studies; for Rima, ‘it’s the selfie time’; for me it’s the most awaited thrill of going beyond boundary-Gosh! I am so excited!

It’s a long list to memorize-my favourite skirt, this red top will go very well with it. Two jeans pants will be sufficient, I guess! Night suit, lingerie, scarf, socks, sneaker, tooth brush, cream, a small mirror…Oh, how can I forget my dairy.

‘Can you please pack my selfie stick Didi’-Rima whooped.

‘Didi, please take my volley ball (she must be dreaming of playing beach volley!!), also the portable magnetic chess, also the Rubik’s cube; we will play at train…please, please’ -Martha pleaded.

Our train is at 2 p.m., we have enough time to sum it up!

Ma is hurrying in the kitchen to arrange the lunch for the train. Let us get ready one by one. We should not miss anything!

‘Have you taken the ticket? And, check the date carefully. Hope you remember, last time because of your confusion on AM, PM we had to get down from the train at the last minute at mid of the night and whole trip was cancelled.’  Ma was reminding Papa in a rough tone.

‘Yes, yes, I checked it already, there will be no confusion this time, I promise’-Papa nodded confidently.

‘Count the bags and the kids. Have I switched off the gas cylinder! Let me check once again. Electric main switch? Yes, off. All the doors and windows? Yes, closed. No water tap should be on!’ Ma was blabbering while ensuring all the tasks are done.

We are waiting for the cab downstairs. Our happiness is enhancing leaps and bounds as the time is approaching.

‘Have you checked the main door lock properly?’ -Ma warned.

‘Let me go and double check once again’- Papa ran for it.

‘Where are you waiting Driver Saheb? which Church? I have explained you the route to reach this address twice already. Our building is just in front of ‘St. Thomas Church’ at Sus Road…!!!’ Papa was shouting over the phone.

‘Oh God! I don’t know where the cab driver has gone, now I am not finding any other cab also!!’-Papa looked at us helplessly. I was feeling like crying in frustration!

‘Let me quickly get the car key, we will park the car at station for 3 days. Now, no point wasting time, else we will miss the train.’- Papa confirmed.

We are taking out each of our bag and running for the train. It is already waiting at platform no. 6, only 5 minutes left. Somehow, we managed to board the train, pushed the porters, kicked the luggage on the way, apologised the visitors came for farewell and finally sat on our reserved seats.

Ma heaved a sigh of relief and told Papa- ‘Give me the car key, I will keep it in my purse.’

Papa searched his pocket casually and then a hush descended over our corner!

I could visualize the Car key with a ‘Laughing Budha’ tied with the ring, hanging behind the car steering inside our locked-door blue hatchback!!!

WAAANK!!! The train’s siren pronounced the time and started moving!!!

ring lb

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