Oh Boy!

I could not control my laugh… 🙂


I was with my sister-in-law in a ‘ Hosiery Shop’. I accompany her to learn her unique shopping style!! Usually I will be a silent spectator while she will be engrossed in her shopping with utmost dedication.


“ Show me some underpants for my husband…”- she delivered her opening statement with a sweet smile.


‘ Any preference of color madam?’-the hefty, 5’10’’ tall man asked cordially from other side of the counter.


“Show me all the colors you got ‘ Bhaiya’ (Big brother!)”


‘ Okay, any particular brand Madam?’- the man tried to confirm politely.


“ Yes, yes, he is very particular about brand, please show me only ‘ X-man’, his favorite” -she grinned.


‘ Oh, that’s a very popular brand. They have launched three new designs also just last month. I will show you all, Madam. What’s your husband’s size’ -the jovial man finally took out his last important query with  enthusiasm.


My Sister-in- law seemed to be little confused this time…


“ Tell me Adi’s (my husband, her younger brother) size? I will take one size bigger than him then” -she whispered to me, winking her eyes secretly.


( In Indian middle-class family, it is mostly anticipated that after marriage, wife will purchase undergarments for their husbands, which used to be done by their mothers before marriage!!!)


‘ But I am not sure about it..’ I stammered awkwardly.


She looked around, searching for something here and there, observed the man behind the counter for a moment and told him confidently-


“ His size would be just like yours…!!!”


The man was perplexed by her innocent comment and stood still, leaving his mouth wide-open!!!





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