Poor Me!

Ahhh…It’s Sunday…after a long hectic week, a well-deserved break…!

I was longing for this quite some time…I will only relax today.

I will loll over the bed for some more time now, then I will have only fresh fruits as breakfast (a healthy start of the day without much effort, you know;)), today I will ask my cook to prepare my son’s favorite menu at lunch, also keep ready evening snacks for all.

I will finish bathing early and then will take out that unfinished thriller novel (I am at the breath-taking climax but could not finish reading for past 15 days!!) and will be glued to it whole day, wallowing lazily and enjoy …!

A satisfied smile appeared on my face automatically …I simply adore my life!!

Ring, ring…it’s my mobile (Oops…no mobile today…please!!).
Eek! ‘Rekha Mausi’, my cook! (thought of the Devil…!!)

– ‘Hello Didi, is it your holiday today?’

– ‘Yes…nooo….’ I started stammering.

– ‘Didi, my nephew’s birthday today, I have to go there, else my brother will feel really bad’

– ‘But, just three days back you took leave for marriage function!’ I murmured.

– ‘I know, but this time you please manage Didi, I will not take any more leave this month’ she promised.

– ‘Mausi, I planned to take a break today please! if you are not coming, I have to prepare everything … you please come for half-an hour and then go…’ I pleaded (was still hoping to generate some sympathy for me).

– ‘I have already left for my village Didi, it is far off, it will take minimum two and half hours  to reach. How should I come now, you tell me?’

-‘Mausi…!’ I could not find any suitable word to convince her and establish my point 😦

I know all my protests are in vain, no ‘please’ or ‘kindly’ will be able to show the magic trick …I disconnected the call silently…!

Phew! Here goes my ‘Sunday planning’, here goes my peace of mind 😦 !

lill upset



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