An Evening with a dark-eyed singer

I am sitting before a well-decorated wooden dining table in a very cozy sea-side restaurant in Agonda beach of South Goa in India. The Sun has ended its journey for the day leaving the sea in a mystic hue.

The vast Arabian sea, in a bright full moon light, is playing hide and seek with the sandy beach. White foams are laughing in every stroke of cheerful waves.

A mild pleasant blow of air is soothing my relaxing body- Yes, this is called a prefect holiday!! I released a sigh of relief and closed my eyes, painting a big smiling curve on my face.

To add to my delight, an unexpected melodious tune of Piano started pouring honey in my ears. The tune made the moment so mesmerizing that I did not want to open my eyes, fearing all these to be just a wonderful dream!

I slowly opened my eyes only with a round of applause from the other diners ,when the classic piece of music rested. My curious eyes found a cheerful young chap shining on the corner stage with his synthesizer, drums and mike!

He started his second no., a Goaneese song about a fisherman and his family, the unknown tune in his deep husky voice became dramatically lively. The parallel play of musical instruments, with the touch of his practiced fingers, made the coordination completely flawless.

As the evening gets older and more colourful, the benign freshness of the voice comforts me so much after two- day-long beach hopping (from Colva beach, Palolem beach to Calangute beach ), adventure boat riding with dolphin, visiting awesome marine aquarium and backwater cruising in Santamonica. I explored  the nook and corner of this beautiful City of Goa at the Western coast and admired the ‘ happy go like’ free culture of this vibrant happening place.

Slowly the rhythm of the music grew faster. All of us were imbibed in the varied tastes of music one after another.

When ‘ He’ continued his charm with‘ Despacito’ , a couple could not help but started dancing on the arena. The bold steps of their spicy salsa compliments the magical voice with perfect harmony. I am enjoying every bit of it clapping through out the beats..!

salsa pic

Oh! I totally forgot about my dinner. Here it is.. piping hot delicious‘ Seafood sizzler’, served in a carefully-done lovely presentation. It tuned the evening in a perfect string.

‘ Nashe si chadh gayi oye..’ (I am affected like an intoxicated drug..!) the last Hindi Bolywood item gently spreads its romanticism. I can’t stop marveling at him, a well-built, casually-dressed, brown skinned guy, completely socked in music. He looks like a worshiper of ‘ Muses’ , the ancient Goddess of music. He won everyone’s heart with the divine gift of versatile music.

As I slowly came out to the quiet sea shore, drenched in cold white moon light, I realized I fell in love with that dark-eyed singer from head to toe. I will treasure this evening and cherish these moments in my whole life!!

hand on synthesizer




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